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  • Susan "Zuzu" Skelly

Worthless vs. Priceless

It’s been about a year since the world started talking about and dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic and since Language Pacifica moved online. This global pandemic has been a life-changing experience for many people, often showing us what is truly priceless and what might be more or less worthless.

Wait, priceless and worthless aren’t the same thing?

If you already know the word worthless and then see the word priceless, you might think they are the same. But they express two entirely different ideas.

Worthless (adj) – having no real value or use

These shoes are worthless now because they don’t fit you anymore. We will donate them.

Priceless (adj) – 1. invaluable; 2. so precious that its value cannot be determined; 3. rare; 4. extremely valuable

You can see many priceless works of art at the museum.

True friendship is priceless.

Over the last year, have you discovered that some of the things in your life are priceless? What are they?

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