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  • Susan "Zuzu" Skelly

Some Day & Someday

You’ve probably noticed that English has a ‘some day’ and a ‘someday’. When you’re writing, do you ever get stuck and wonder, “Is it two words or one word?” If you do, you’re not alone.

They both talk about an unspecific future time, but they have slightly different meanings.

Some day(phrase) – used to describe an unspecified but specific day in the near future

Synonyms: at some time, at some point, a day

Someday (adverb) – used to describe an indefinite and much later time or the distant future

Synonyms: sooner or later, eventually, ultimately, sometime

Some day

Jared scheduled the meeting for some day next month.

Some day this week I will find the time to help my parents clean out the garage.

Do you have time for coffee some day this week?


Someday we will get around using flying cars.

I’d like to see them again someday.

Everyone thinks that Joanie will be famous someday.

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Manu Vikings
Dec 16, 2022


Manu Vikings
Manu Vikings
Dec 16, 2022
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