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  • Susan "Zuzu" Skelly

Reorganize It!

Reorganize It is a quick brain teaser game. These kinds of games are a great way to get ready for your English lessons (or other brainy tasks).

Brain teasers get your brain warmed up. This helps you perform better during class and form stronger connections with your class materials. That leads to an improved ability to recall important points later on.

Sounds good, right?

Game Time!

How many words can you create with the letters that make up our name – Language Pacifica – in 2 minutes?

You can only use each letter one time. So, for Language Pacifica you have:

1 L

4 As

1 N

2 Gs

1 U

1 E

1 P

2 Cs

2 Is

1 F

So, for example, you could make these words: Lap, Gang, Page.

How many more can you think of in 2 minutes? Write them down as you go!

Enjoyed this game? Think of new words to try it with!

Hint: The longer the word you start with, the more words you can make.

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