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  • Susan "Zuzu" Skelly

Turkey Talk

As the United States gets ready to celebrate Thanksgiving and eat a whole lot of turkey this week, we thought it would be fun to take a look at some phrases that have “turkey” in them.

Turkey – a foolish person

I put the cake in the oven but I forgot to turn the oven on. What a turkey I am!

Go cold turkey – abruptly and completely stop doing or using something, usually a bad habit or something you are addicted to

Marcus was having trouble sleeping so he quit coffee cold turkey last week. I’m not sure he needed to quit completely, but at least he’s not drinking 6 cups a day right now.

Stuffed like a turkey – be or feel extraordinarily full from eating a lot of food

Oh, no thanks. No dessert for me. I’m stuffed like a turkey after all that great food!

Talk turkey – speak frankly, in a straightforward or serious way

Ok, enough joking around. Let’s talk turkey.

Turkey Day – a common humorous name for Thanksgiving

What are your plans for Turkey Day?

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