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  • Susan "Zuzu" Skelly

Too & Enough

You’ve probably seen these words hundreds, if not thousands, of times already. But what if your friend who is taking classes with you asks you how to use them? What would you say? Would you be sure of your answer?

If you’ve ever been confused by them, check out this easy-to-follow guide.

Too: more than what is needed or wanted

Too + adjective

This topokki is too spicy! Even for me!

In other words, the topokki is so spicy you can’t eat it.

Eating it would be too painful.

Too + adverb

The Flash moves too quickly for me to beat him in a race.

In other words, you know you can’t run faster than The Flash.

Enough: the amount needed or wanted

Adjective + enough

I think the egg is cooked enough.

If we cook it any longer, the middle will be too hard.

Adverb + enough

Be sure to speak loudly enough.

You want everyone to hear you.

Enough + noun

When I have enough money,

I am going to go shark cage diving.

Not enough: less than what is needed or wanted

Not + adjective + enough

This soup isn’t flavorful enough.

Let’s add some more spices.

Not + verb + adverb + enough

He felt gassy because he did not eat slowly enough at dinner.

Not + verb + enough

We don’t have enough pizza for everyone.

We should make more. What do you want on it?

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