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  • Susan "Zuzu" Skelly


Periodt? Did we misspell something? Nope.

Periodt is a slang term that means “and that’s that”. Originating in Black gay culture, it’s become a common way to add emphasis. It’s a new version of facts.

We’re not talking about this, periodt.

That was the best movie of all time, periodt.

This needs to stop, periodt.

I’m not OK with this, PERIODT!

She’s a goddess, periodt.

Yes, periodt!

How to pronounce it?

Say “period” and then add “tee” to the end (period-tee).

Does periodt mean anything else?

Yes, actually, it does. It is also another name for chrysolite, a kiwi-colored gem stone.

As a stone, it’s pronounced like “pear-i-doh”.

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