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  • Susan "Zuzu" Skelly

Every Day & Everyday

Have you ever sat there and wondered why sometimes you see every day but other times you see everyday? In other words, why is it sometimes two words and other times one word?

Well, it’s because they actually mean two different things.

Every day (phrase) – each day, daily

Everyday (adjective) – ordinary, typical, commonplace, unremarkable

Every Day

I eat breakfast every day at 10 am.

He got up early every day to watch the sun rise over the hills.

Every day is a good day to learn something new.


You can wear your everyday clothes to the event.

Our everyday lives aren’t always wild and exciting, but we can always find something good in them.

Did you know that shooting stars are an everyday occurrence?

1. Which sentences are grammatically correct? (Hint: Only two of them are correct.)

She played the piano everyday for a year.

They talk on the phone every day.

Chicken dishes are everyday meals in many countries.

Everyday, how many cups of coffee do people in Norway drink?

2. What’s a synonym for everyday?

3. What’s a synonym for every day?

4. What could you say about your life using everyday?

5. What could you say about your life using every day?

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